Whether it’s just you looking for a real estate development consultant, your team searching for some group real estate strategic advising, or a plan to exit your 9 to 5, we have something that will fit your needs. Here’s what we offer our clients

  • Strategic advising
  • Real estate team coaching
  • One-on-one mentorship
  • Feasibility studies

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Real Estate Development Consulting

We work with clients looking to break into the development industry. We can provide guidance on development projects from start to finish or during any portion of the project you feel you need additional support in.

As a development consultant, we can assist with site selection, feasibility, zoning, environmental, financial development structuring, sustainability, community relations, design & permitting, construction, and leasing.

 In addition to direct support, we can provide an introduction to our professional network, which consists of, bankers, architects, contractors, and attorneys.

Construction Consulting

Our construction experience allows us to provide our clients with top-of-the-line construction consulting services and help reduce unneeded stress. Our founder Josu’e Velney has a Construction Management degree from Wentworth Institute of Technology. In addition, Mr. Velney has completed Suffolk Construction’s Build With Us Certification and Clark Construction Strategic Partnership Program Certification.

We have found Construction Management to be one of the most important roles and factors that determine a project’s success. Therefore, we simplify our project management processes into several phases, which consist of planning, managing, tracking, and reporting. When we break down this process further, we focus on budgeting & estimating, scheduling, hiring & managing contractors, creating a scope of work, and tracking & reporting progress.

Ground up construction in Boston

If you are looking to tackle a complicated rehab project or your first ground up construction project and would like additional support, please contact us at 617-401-9339

Real Estate Investing Consulting

If your goal is to build a rental portfolio, we can guide you through this path. Before we were developer and contractor focused, we were real estate investment focused.

Boston Real Estate consulting

The backbone of our success was building an integrated system linking all the key elements a real estate investment firm should have.

First, we created a motivated lead funnel, second, we created and trained an A+ acquisition team, third we created a process that allowed us to stabilize new assets as fast as possible. Fourth we created a management process that allowed us to focus on future assets and continue collecting passive income.

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Velney Development

Velney Development is a Somerville-based Veteran owned and Minority owned real estate development firm. We focus on multifamily and mix-use commercial properties. Our projects consist of mid-scale to large-scale urban redevelopments. We have been the general partners on projects as small as one unit and as large as two hundred and thirty units.

Josue’s Professional Background

Josu’e Velney has over twelve years of real estate and entrepreneur experience. Mr. Velney holds an unrestricted construction supervisor license and a real estate broker license. He is the CEO and founder of Velney Development. Mr. Velney has provided clients with strategic planning and real estate advice drawn from a deep understanding of the development process. Mr. Velney’s deep understanding of the development process comes from real-world field experience and taking courses provided by Builder of Color and NAIOP. He also specializes in creating innovative development strategies for his clients to maximize the value of their real estate portfolio. Josu’e Velney was a 2022 Boston Business Journal 40 under 40 Honoree and received a citation from the Massachusetts governor’s office.

Velney Development Reading List

Business The Art Of War by Sun Tzu
Business Team of Teams by General Stanley Chrystal
Business Never Split The Difference by Chris Voss
Development The Autobiography of William Zeckendorf by William Zeckendorf
Development Construction Funding: The Process of Real Estate Development by Don A Halperin, Courtland A Collier, Nathan S. Collier
Development The Real Estate Game by William J. Poorvu and Jeffrey L.Cruikshank
Development Bubble In The Sun by Christopher Knowlton
Development Making It In Real Estate by John McNellis
Real Estate Confessions of a Real Estate Entrepreneur by James A. Randel
Leadership Extreme Ownership by Jocko Willink and Leif Babin
Mindset makes the difference.  Velney Development

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Speaking Engagements

Wentworth Institute of Technology, Boston University, Boston Architectural College, Builder of Color Coalition, Madison Park Technical Vocational High School, Newton Public Schools, The Real Estate Wealth Creation Summit, REI Unleashed, Berkshire Black Economic Council, Boston Public Schools, Urban League of Eastern Massachusetts, and Boston While Black.

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O’Kane Marketing, Marine Corps Times, Somerville Times, Boston Herald, Boston Business Journal, Boston Agent Magazine, NBC Boston, Yahoo Finance, The Top 100 Magazine, Universal HUB, Wentworth Institute of Technology, Clark Construction, High Profile, and Bis Now.

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